From the beginning, we've striven to create an expansive onscreen universe with little money and our own created resources. This required us to create a sizeable number of large interior sets for our main onscreen vessel, the Chimera. But how to do this without a multi-million dollar budget? The answer was virtual sets. The technique was revolutionary when George Lucas pioneered the idea on his Star Wars prequels, and unusual projects like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" followed soon after. Today, you can see the technique regularly on television in shows like "Once Upon A Time" and countless commercials.

The downside of this is that every single shot in any given episode is a visual effects shot and must be composited into the virtual environment. The lens, perspective, and lighting of each live action shot have to match the digitally generated background as much as possible. In many ways, we're actually treating our show more like an animated feature than a live action one. Like animation, every shot is created in layers that are then stacked together to make the final image.

The show is being produced in Pueblo, CO.

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