The Begging Page

Nothing about independent filmmaking has never been easy, or even, necessarily, the act of a sane individual. If you're making movies outside the studio system, let alone series, you're probably bonkers through and through. And no matter your project, filmmaking is a collaboration involving many other people just as crazy as you, and they usually have day jobs requiring them to work at least several days a week, even though this severely hampers their ability to create art.  Can you imagine? We can't, and we're actually doing this! If shooting movies was just a hobby, this might not be so tough, but shooting movies is not only a job in itself, it's all consuming. It's difficult to think about anything else when you're making a movie, let alone making ends meet or raising a family. And the work is harder than it looks. There's always an audience, but in the digital age, it is getting harder and harder to sell to them. Not just to make a profit, mind you, but to fund a project at all. It's enough to drive you, well, bonkers.

Voyage Of The Chimera has a cast of over 20 performers, and growing. Behind the scenes, the show has be written, shot, and edited. Sound has to be recorded. Props must be made. Effects must be effected. Music must be musiced. Equipment has to be procured and operated (focus, no matter how reasonably you ask, simply will not pull itself). Lights, set dressing, sweat beads, and other items must be arranged on a shot by shot basis. Logs kept, bulbs changed, costumes designed and created.

And everyone has to eat. Has to. Or we will starve. We're artists, this can happen.

Yes, friends, dire consequences are but a "no thanks" away. But gifts of just a few dollars go a long way, especially as they start adding up. For the cost of, say, a single online streaming rental, you can be a part of the unique and joyous madness that makes our show happen. A gift of $5 will feed a cast/crew member for a day of shooting. That's because we only feed our poor actors lunch (ok, and snacks), but with your help, we can keep everyone's bellies happy, and that makes performances better. Don't ask us how, it just does. Something about blood sugar and electrolytes, leading scientists say.

So if you enjoy our show and feel the urge part with a bit of your hard-earned green (digit? electron? One-and-zero? Is cash even legal anymo-) for our sake, we would appreciate it immensely. We love making this show and with your help and generosity we can do just that while stepping up our game to make each episode better than the last.

Best wishes and thanks from all of us!

-The VOC Team